Re: A-G films to Southern Portugal (fka Peter Kubelka VHS)

From: Jorge Amaro (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 13:39:55 PST

That would be a truly wonderfull idea, there is a gentlemen from
Lisbon I think that from time to time organizes some experimental
screenings, his name is Ricardo Matos Cabo I believe. He brought stuff
like Owen Land, Star spangled to death by Ken Jacobs, James Benning
etc.. Unfortunatelly I could only attend one screening of his in 2001,
that was the presentation of the films of Jürgen Reble. I can probably
found a space in Évora which is kind of a big town here in the south,
I say probably I'm not sure.

Anyways to organize a screening of films what should I do? Get myself
a space to do so, and money to bring the films? That money part could
be a problem I dont know, but I would really like to try at least

On 04/02/06, Adam Hyman <email suppressed> wrote:
> Now this is an interesting question. We talk about trying to get
> avant-garde films to people not in the usual cities. Here we have a
> concrete case.
> How can we get some exposure to avant-garde films in southern Portugal?
> I suppose the easiest point from which to ship prints is Paris or London.
> Or is there any sort of screening group or archive in Lisbon?
> In California, Melinda Stone created a tour of various experimental films
> which she took to drive-in movie theatres around the state, almost all of
> which exist in places that aren't population centers.
> What is the feasibility of having a Paris or London based curator tour to
> out-of the-way places in Europe? Or set up a traveling package that could
> go around the EU? Pip, are you game?
> Jorge, you'll have to find a venue in your area though, and publicize it to
> get some people to attend. It does require effort & money to get films to
> your town. They won't just appear without a venue, but almost anything can
> be a venue. Are you willing to take on that part of the equation?
> What other stops could such a package make in Portugal? How about Spain?
> Now I'm just raising ideas from the balmy climes of southern California, but
> how much work would this take?
> Best regards,
> Adam Hyman
> Los Angeles Filmforum
> On 2/4/06 12:43 PM, "Philip Hood" <email suppressed> wrote:
> > jorge,
> > though it may sound trite and naive,
> > you're probably the best (& only) one
> > to begin to make that change.
> > ml
> > pth
> >
> > On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Jorge Amaro wrote:
> >
> >> I live in the south of Portugal, on a small village, the school where
> >> I am is deeper in the south, very little for avantgarde there, I wish
> >> I could change the situation.
> >
> >
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