Re: Peter Kubelka VHS

From: Pablo Marin (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 09:03:19 PST

seems to me that Carlos Adriano main drive was not
simply viewing Kubelka´s films but in fact also edit a
book. in those terms, the money spent on the project
was more like an investment than anything else.

his last sentence sure is beautiful ("I do not think
anyone should think of `surely die without watching´
any film; one must live to do so."), but again, i must
agree with the "realism" of Jorge Amaro: sometimes you
just can´t. first because of the money, and second
because, depending on the country anyone of us live,
you can´t rent a film if you´re not involved in an
institution of some kind.

pablo marin
buenos aires.

--- "carlos.adriano" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Jorge Amaro wrote:
> > Yes, I can understand perfectly, but again, living
> outside the screening circles, it's difficult to see
> them in any other format, If it wasn't for that
> bootleg tape, I would surelly die without watching
> his films. Anyways thank you for the info.
> I do live outside the so-called "screening circles"
> too, but there are ways to deal with that. As Fred
> Camper put it, Kubelka's films can be rented in
> 16/35mm prints from a variety of sources in U.S. and
> Europe (ok, that means rental & shipping costs,
> customs and difficulties, but that does not justify
> quitting the search for "the real thing").
> Embarassed to show-off myself, I'd like to quote a
> personal account. I and my friend / partner Bernardo
> Vorobow struggled for more than five years to bring
> Kubelka to Brazil (fights for sponsorship etc, even
> against trade and official Austria's lack of
> interest): but we were able to invite him to come,
> show all his films, give lectures, and we also
> edited a book (which seems to have pleased him, due
> its graphic design and content approach). We did not
> bring his films so that we could watch them first,
> although that would not be a bad idea (cinephilia
> program was made out of this: one person's desire to
> see a movie takes him / her to show it for him /
> herself and share with others). We had already seen
> his films before our Brazil's screenings. We
> arranged to travel to Vienna in order to meeting
> Kubelka and watching his films at screen and moviola
> (research, interview, texts for the book). Our main
> drive (after having heard about the work and got
> interest in it) was to look for the author / artist
> to meet the person and the work... I do not think
> anyone should think of "surely die without watching"
> any film; one must live to do so.
> Carlos Adriano
> Săo Paulo, Brazil
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