Re: Interesting Screening (others)

From: jennifer fieber (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 31 2006 - 15:27:14 PST

> Mined by Orgone Cinema"
> I don't have our program handy but one of the gems we showed was Jr. Star Trek
> (1969, 8min, color) written, produced, directed and edited by Peter Emshwiller
> (10 yrs.) From Catalogue No. 5 - "Peter and his fifth grade buddies talked me
> into being a technical advisor and an alien monster for this epic. A must for
> Star Trek fans!" - Ed Emshwiller
> Oh, there are many treasures in the coop. A great history lesson can be had by
> poking through the older catalogues (No. 5 and back) for fuller descriptions
> of films as well as for titles that were available at one point but have
> sinced been pulled, lost or what have you.
> Long live the FMC!
> Greg (The Orgone Archive)

Oh the dear little orphan films!

Doesn't Canyon Cinema have the opposite policy of clearing out films that
don't rent?

I for one love clutter and obsolescence! (I do pity anyone that has to live
with me and my mess however...)


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