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From: Pierce, Greg (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 31 2006 - 12:38:17 PST

We (Orgone Cinema) did this once.

From our poster...

"23 Films from the N.Y. Film-Makers' Coop

NO Film Over 10 Minutes
NO Film Rental Over $10
NO Famous Filmmakers
NO Idea Who These People Are

9pm Dec 14 [1996]

Mined by Orgone Cinema"

I don't have our program handy but one of the gems we showed was Jr. Star Trek (1969, 8min, color) written, produced, directed and edited by Peter Emshwiller (10 yrs.) From Catalogue No. 5 - "Peter and his fifth grade buddies talked me into being a technical advisor and an alien monster for this epic. A must for Star Trek fans!" - Ed Emshwiller

Oh, there are many treasures in the coop. A great history lesson can be had by poking through the older catalogues (No. 5 and back) for fuller descriptions of films as well as for titles that were available at one point but have sinced been pulled, lost or what have you.

Long live the FMC!
Greg (The Orgone Archive)

ps. Long live CC too!

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"All these films are from the Filmmakers' Cooperative in New York. Who
knows what other treasures lie there unrented?"

I may be imagining this, but hasn't someone curated a screening made up of films from the Filmmaker's Coop that
have NEVER been rented? If not, someone should.

Jeff Martin
Chicago, IL

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