Jud Yakult...

From: Barbara Keating (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 09:39:44 PST

Thanks so much for this Jud! I started making video
about thirteen years ago. I'd been doing woven
textiles, then did a Masters in Fine Art. Whilst
making a pattern for a body suit like a second skin,
in the fashion department of the Uni, I was approached
by a tutor. He said they had just set up for chromakey
in the tiny TV studio, and if I made the suit in
blue......I'd never held a camcorder, knew nothing of
video art, and so I jumped right in and started ! Poor
I made three or four works like that and went on a
short course to learn some camera and lighting etc.
I've been including video in works ever since and even
got to use 16mm film one time. Mostly it's been what
is termed expanded cinema.
Recently I've been invited to set up a residency in a
different University green studio, so I'm trying to
research the history a bit better, and hope to show
works to students in the course of the work. Of course
the editing is different now (there was no computer
there in '92), and I did some of the keying live.
I'll follow up all leads that I can, and thanks again
to everyone,

from Barbara Keating, artist, t/a E CLIPS email suppressed

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