Re: you mean like bob dylan?

From: kenneth wayne peralta (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 15:05:24 PST


the work wasnıt rushed unfinished anywhere and wonıt be.

we agreed to premiere at rotterdam based on assurances from jim hoberman
that mary would get the materials. rotterdam is a great festival and we
were honored to be invited. surely a festival with many jack smith fans and
potential opportunities for future screenings. it is incredibly
embarrassing to have withdrawn the premiere after the catalogue was
published. and costly to the production.

your presuming we networked our film into IFFR is disrespectful to the
programmers and the festival itself. for shame james tully. cis bierinckx
screened a fine cut in the fall and recommended it for programming. we did
not confirm the invitation until we received several assurances we would
receive the elements from jim. regrettably.

we are not aggressively promoting the film james. we are aggressively
preparing for color correction, dialogue edits, sound mix, music, graphics
etc. etc. to make our screening on 31-jan. many things, by the way, we
planned to do just once.

whatever measures you use to judge ³accomplished² artist james are your own.
why not just keep them that way? have you ever met mary? do you know what
sheıs done? did you come to her events? most people who came complimented
the experience. and whatıs wrong with an open bar at an event? i
personally celebrated it as a major coup and not one person complained.

kenneth wayne peralta

On 1/22/06 5:02 PM, "James Tully Studio" <email suppressed> wrote:

> "With the one who tries to hide What he(she) don't know to begin with"
> - Dylan
> Okay, Kenneth,
> To re-state - hopefully with more clarity - I am critical of anyone who rushes
> unfinished work into a film festival for the sake of mere participation,
> especially when it is accompanied by parties, open bar promotions, mass
> mailings, and all manner of publicity hoopla.
> Then Mary Jordan doesn't even show the very 'work' that is being trumpeted in
> stereo!
> Now, with work still unfinished, Mary Jordan makes more publicity out of her
> withdrawal from a film festival that probably should not being admitting
> unfinished work that it has never seen in the first place.
> How pathetic that one can network non-existent films into festivals and
> biennials. It rather decries the very system itself and its cagey
> participants.
> How venal and corrupt is our practice of filmmaking that unaccomplished
> aspiring artists first try to make their names by virally repeating the names
> of legendary artists like Jack Smith. And how very P.T. Barnum to never even
> complete or exhibit the supposed film that is being so aggressively promoted.
> Regards,
> James Tully
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> dear james.
> i see youıve made this post three times today.
> given you are no jack smith fan, this is perhaps irrelevant, but yes it is the
> same film promoted during maryıs PERFORMA 05 show, and no, the film was not
> shown then, nor has it ever been.
> if you donıt like jack smith and didnıt come to maryıs show, why are you so
> compelled to poo-poo it?
> curiously,
> kenneth wayne peralta
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