Re: MARY JORDAN'S PLEA for Publicity!!!-----Jack Jordan held hostage!

From: James Tully Studio (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 14:02:39 PST

"With the one who tries to hide What he(she) don't know to begin with"
 - Dylan
Okay, Kenneth,
To re-state - hopefully with more clarity - I am critical of anyone who
rushes unfinished work into a film festival for the sake of mere
participation, especially when it is accompanied by parties, open bar
promotions, mass mailings, and all manner of publicity hoopla.
Then Mary Jordan doesn't even show the very 'work' that is being
trumpeted in stereo!
Now, with work still unfinished, Mary Jordan makes more publicity out of
her withdrawal from a film festival that probably should not being
admitting unfinished work that it has never seen in the first place.
How pathetic that one can network non-existent films into festivals and
biennials. It rather decries the very system itself and its cagey
How venal and corrupt is our practice of filmmaking that unaccomplished
aspiring artists first try to make their names by virally repeating the
names of legendary artists like Jack Smith. And how very P.T. Barnum to
never even complete or exhibit the supposed film that is being so
aggressively promoted.
James Tully

dear james.

i see you've made this post three times today.

given you are no jack smith fan, this is perhaps irrelevant, but yes it
is the same film promoted during mary's PERFORMA 05 show, and no, the
film was not shown then, nor has it ever been.

if you don't like jack smith and didn't come to mary's show, why are you
so compelled to poo-poo it?


kenneth wayne peralta

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