Re: PLEA for Publicity!!!-----Jack Jordan held hostage!

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 06:53:31 PST

> Is this supposed to be constructive? Pulling your
> own film out of Rotterdam?

Well I guess that's up to the filmmaker.

> Use your brains, folks! We all know that Mary
> Jordan finished the film and
> already showed it publicly several times. This is
> a great publicity
> gimmick that she needs to pull because her so called

I actually have no idea about whether the film was
finished and shown. I have certainly never seen it.

> She has slandered decent people everywhere she goes:
> Hurt HER feelings??
> Are you freakin crazy?? That woman has stepped all

I expect Doug has no knowledge of the situation, just
as many of us on this List, have no knowledge of the
situation. However, as my mother was always so fond of
saying "2 wrongs don't make a right", so even if it
was true that Mary was being mean to people, it
doesn't mean that it is good to do the same in return.

You could also well be right that it is a publicity
stunt and even that Jim and Penny are in on the whole
thing. Hell perhaps you are even in on it too for all
I know! ;)

Regardless, I think it's just that people don't want
to see people throwing insults at one another on the
list, it's really nothing to do with what the
situation is, which probably a lot of us here know
very little about.

> over YOUR colleagues and
> people that have helped the American Avant Garde
> Cinema and worked without
> thanks or recognition– and she does so with an
> arrogance that has NO real
> understanding of film history.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean here but yes there
is certainly a lack of understanding or even knowledge
of avant garde film history everywhere.



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