Re: PLEA for ACTION!!!-----Jack Smith held hostage!

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 01:13:51 PST

> "Really, Scary Mary, who gives a sh*t about your film? You act like
> you're trying to find a cure for cancer or stop the war in Irak. Boo
> frickin hoo, you can't get access to some photos for your movie.
> Didn't it ever occur to you that dokumentaries show at festivals
> without all the rights in place ALL THE TIME?
> We at the Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv can't always get the footage we
> want for our kollectiv movies, and you don't see us firing off a 'call
> to aktion' over it.
> Honestly, with such a hysterical attitude, its any wonder anybody is
> working with you at all. Are you making a film about Jack Smith or
> have you come to believe you are him?
> If you are so goshdarned obsessed to kapture every bit of Jack Smith
> in your movie, go dig up his corpse and parade it around Rotterdam,
> screaming and foaming at the mouth about what a victim you are. Or
> maybe the Move-On people should take up your kase?
> The Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv"

I don't care for getting involved in debates over ownership of Smith's
work (something that has been discussed here at length already), but I
have to say that I DO give a shit about Mary's film - indeed about any
filmmaker's film. I don't think the email was about rights but about
access to quality images, as Mary wrote:

"Their unprecedented contributions would have me featuring (in my high
definition finish) NONE of the Jack Smith photo-images I've chosen to
feature. And LOW RESOLUTION transparency scans and scans of scratched
CONTACT SHEETS of the images I have been allowed to see.."

I can't really see why you engage in childish insults either, if you
don't like Mary or her film then that's your choice, but why act like
assholes towards her personally?


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