Re: PLEA for ACTION!!!-----Jack Smith held hostage!

From: spiritual jazz (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 00:18:20 PST

Really, Scary Mary, who gives a sh*t about your film? You act like you're trying to find a cure for cancer or stop the war in Irak. Boo frickin hoo, you can't get access to some photos for your movie. Didn't it ever occur to you that dokumentaries show at festivals without all the rights in place ALL THE TIME?
 We at the Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv can't always get the footage we want for our kollectiv movies, and you don't see us firing off a 'call to aktion' over it.
 Honestly, with such a hysterical attitude, its any wonder anybody is working with you at all. Are you making a film about Jack Smith or have you come to believe you are him?
 If you are so goshdarned obsessed to kapture every bit of Jack Smith in your movie, go dig up his corpse and parade it around Rotterdam, screaming and foaming at the mouth about what a victim you are. Or maybe the Move-On people should take up your kase?
 The Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv

Mary Jordan <email suppressed> wrote: My premiere of JACK SMITH & THE DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS was pulled from the
Rotterdam Film Festival. It can't be finished because the Plaster
Foundation are withholding needed elements.

Thank you to everyone who's supported me and contributed to this film. I am
determined to finish it!! But I can not until I select and receive 40 photo
negatives by Jack Smith that were paid for and licensed from the Plaster
Foundation back in 2002.

Jim Hoberman and Penny Arcade are gate-keeping! Jim has some of the photos
in his Tribeca storage locker and Penny others in her lower east side
apartment. These are photographs that they have no right to title for but
still are keeping them under lock and key. For what purpose?!!

Jim and Penny's position is that I've been given "unprecedented access" to
Jack's photographs and claim no further obligation to me or my film.

Their unprecedented contributions would have me featuring (in my high
definition finish) NONE of the Jack Smith photo-images I've chosen to
feature. And LOW RESOLUTION transparency scans and scans of scratched
CONTACT SHEETS of the images I have been allowed to see. This does not sound
like a contribution that befits the undying contributors to Jack Smith's
legacy Jim and Penny make themselves to be.

Please take action to urge Jim Hoberman and Penny Arcade to act in the best
interest of Jack Smith's art and release these and other needed materials to
my film as promised. They have no legal right to possess these images or
Jack's archives, but still are interfering. Minimally they should
immediately release them to a third party for safekeeping and monitored
access to fulfill their obligations to my film and Jack Smith fans at large.
Jack Smith's sister and family (who legally own the works) are 100%
supportive of the film, and offered complete open access to Jack's archive.
But Hoberman and Arcade are blocking this.

Please if you have interest in Jack Smith, do not stand by idly...ask your
own questions and encourage that jack's art be released from the crusty
vaults for all to see!!!

Mary Jordan-Director
"Critics are handmaidens of the lobster" Jack Smith

Two Work-in-progress screenings at the IFFR. I will
appreciate anyone who can stop by to show their support.

"DRESS REHEARSAL: Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis"

Rotterdam International Film Festival Screen Dates

Tuesday Jan. 31st--- First screening of the work-in-progress
Thursday Feb. 2nd --2:45 pm screening public
Saturday Feb. 4th --SCREENING CANCELLED (!!!)

PS - the withdrawal letter to IFFR was posted at

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