Re: which way does the wind blow [ETA]

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 13:14:36 PST

         again from wikipedia on ETA,

         in the
         basque region & these films look
         interesting & worth seeing. The
         list is below.

         the longer this goes on, I think it would
         be interesting to have a "modern-age"
         list of cases of "terrorism." Its just
         funny to me a little bit because one
         man's terrorist is another man's freedom
         fighter and its all about a point of view.

         Here's a list of films about Chechnya:

         I would think that some subset of these
         might be good to show in Russia, although
         you might get in some trouble showing
         them, I imagine, either here or there.

# ------------------------

Documentary films

Non-fictional films about ETA

     * Asesinato en febrero (2001) at the Internet Movie Database, about
the families of Basque politician Fernando Buesa and his bodyguard, both
killed by ETA.

     * The Basque Ball: The Skin Against the Stone, (La Pelota Vasca, 2003)
about the Basque conflict by filmmaker Julio Medem: interviews about
Basque nationalism and politics. Includes testimonials of ETA victims and
relatives of ETA prisoners.

     * Trece entre mil (2005) at the Internet Movie Database, the testimony
of some of ETA's victims in the last 30 years by filmmaker Iñaki Arteta.

Other films

Other fact-based films about ETA:

     * Operation Ogro (1979) at the Internet Movie Database, about the
murder of Luis Carrero Blanco.

     * Escape from Segovia (1981) at the Internet Movie Database, ETA
prisoners escape from the Segovia prison.

     * Yoyes (2000) at the Internet Movie Database, María Dolores Katarain
a.k.a Yoyes tries to abandon ETA and is murdered by her former fellows.

     * Lobo (2004) at the Internet Movie Database, based on the life of
Mikel Lejarza, who, prompted by the Spanish police, entered ETA to be a
double agent.

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