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Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 18:33:48 PST

Preservation guide for filmmakersHi Bill,

Here at MassArt we bought a ac/dehumidifier to provide a more constant temperature to our film library it is not perfect but it is way better than before. We tested all our films with those ad strips available from fpc. This summer I hope to purchase archival reels and cans and get rid of old rusty or on the verge of rusty cans. I removed all paperwork from inside film cans.We actually hired a friend of ours as a consultant, she had graduated from RIT(I think it was RIT this was a while ago) film preservation program. Kodak actually has a publication "The book of film care" which is useful. It is an ongoing process.

For my own work I would like to make black and white seperation masters of work shot in colour, it is labor intensive and expensive for the stock but for shorter films it is possible. Having your own printer helps but you need a ultra registered camera (not a bolex).

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  Dear Frameworkers:

  I am trying to put together an easy to use film preservation guide for filmmakers. Most information available is geared toward institutions and the NFPF in particular has published an excellent one available free at But I'm trying to create something that will encourage FILMMAKERS to take better care of their works without waiting for the institutional knock on the door. I know from my own experience that the very thought of dealing with those boxes in my closet makes me want to run the other way. So, I thought I'd take a harm-reduction approach to the problem and provide a step by step, if you don't do anything else do this guide. Does this sound like a good idea?

  So that I can try to address the actual questions and experiences of filmmakers, I'd like to hear some thoughts from Frameworkers.

          What are your most pressing questions about preserving your work?

          Have you even thought about this?

          If you have thought about it but haven't done anything, what's holding you back?

          Where are your films? This includes originals, tracks, prints and printing masters? Do you even know?

  Perhaps there is already a guide like this that I don't know about? I'd be happy NOT to write this so if you know of something, please let me know.

  I'm trying to do this quickly, so prompt responses are appreciated.



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