ISO: Roberta Friedman prints

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 17:56:34 PST

Howdy folks -

Hoping someone out there can help. I've been working
a bit with Roberta Friedman + her films, and
tragically, many of the originals for her own work and
her collaborations with Grahame Weinbren may be lost.
There are prints around, including some at the
Film-makers' Coop, but I wanted to ask if anyone out
there knew of prints in any collections, whether
university, museum, private, etc.

So if you know where some prints or other material
might be, please get in contact with me! Below is a
partial list of titles, in case that's helpful.

Thanks very much!!

Mark Toscano

After Ten Minute Lines
Amusement Park Composition and Decay
Bertha's Children
Cal Arts 73/74 or 74/75
Cheap Imitations
Future Perfect
The Making of Americans
Margaret and Marion Talking About Working
Murray and Max Talk About Money
Terms of Analysis
Vicarious Thrills

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