Re: Mediations on 16mm optical sound

From: 40 Frames Directory (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 04 2006 - 17:28:48 PST

Alain wrote:

>> using a sound processor or equalizer of some sort can work
>> wonders, rather than running line out to an amp with zero equalization.
Nobody does this with 35mm, why do it with 16mm?

Sam Wells wrote:

> Theaters showing 35 using a Dolby CP, Sony processor or one of the
"Brand X" devices will have house EQ programmed in or should.
> The Sony 1000 I've used has a nice programmable eq from the front panel
with custom presets available.
> Of course any theater running their 16mm line into this will have the
same house EQ.

Just to clarify, since my comment might not have come across clearly, 35mm
sound is *always* run through a processor, but in some venues 16mm does
not seemed to be tied to the same system.

Judging from what I hear in various venues (and in some cases, venues I
know) the 16mm sound is not tied to the house eq at all. Or if it is, the
discrepancies are not being simply gets chalked up as "16mm
optical" suppose to sound bad. Rubbish. It's not hi-fi but what does that
have to do with sounding bad. Sound tracks that are not-so-hot just
require that a little time be taken in set-up to make them sound as good
as possible through equalization.

I love your ideas Sam, these *other* options for sound reproduction should
definitely be explored in discussion like this...


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