Re: condenser optics??

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Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 17:06:33 PST

> David, essentially the light rays are parallel (collimated, same root
> as column) when going through the film.
> -Sam

The modern quartz halogen lamps, such as the EJL (Pageant 250S. 250E,
120M) have a built in reflector, and the filament acts as a lens to
"focus" (essentially what condenser means) the light of the projection

Older lamps (usually long and wide, and identified by a flanged base) such
as the DDB, DHT, DFD (Pageant 126, Kodascope, etc) have a separate (from
the lamp) reflector and a condensor lens to focus the light on the gate,
before the light is then focused again by the optical lens in front of the

Exciter lamps use "condenser optics".

But I think "good" and "bad" comments need to be read as what they are,
subjective. Try it out for yourself and see what you think. Put two side
by side and make a judgement.

My primary problem with the Pageant is the lens in front of the gate, it's
crap in my opinion. But the beauty of the Pageant is the super 40 shutter
when run at 18fps, there's less flicker. But if flicker is the effect you
are after then this won't mean much to you.

Alain LeTourneau

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