Re: Positioning the Audience - universal concepts

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 14:02:45 PST

Just to throw one into the pot and I've never really
considered the idea of universal concepts too much,
but how about linear time?

OK db, I'll bite! What are the 4 paradoxes in the
sweedish punk song? ;)



--- db <email suppressed> wrote:

> I know I'd find it difficult to name a dozen
> "universal" concepts.
> Human beings die? We are born? But the process of
> birth is changing
> in ways that were considered fantasy, even within my
> lifetime, with
> practices like artificial insemination and cloning.
> So what is
> natural about birth, unless one is willing to put
> and accept
> limitations on that process?
> Concepts are ideas and therefore mutable, so how can
> they be universal?
> And, while an acceptance of a set of universal
> concepts by specific
> individuals might very well serve to define "the
> common space of a
> culture," this occurs only through attempts or
> actualizations of
> domination based upon partial consensus. This is (or
> at least has the
> potential of leading to) the road to 'Crowds and
> Power' or 'The Mass
> Psychology of Fascism.' The reality that only
> specific individuals
> can agree on specific concepts as universal
> (whatever they may be) is
> another potential proof that denies universality.
> Both paths (acceptance or denial of universals)
> contain dangers. Is
> that a universal concept?
> All of this reminds me of a Swedish punk song by
> Kraldjursanstalten:
> This is a song about the three paradoxes of life
> which can never be
> answered. Well, OK, four paradoxes.
> db

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