Re: Positioning the Audience

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 31 2005 - 12:51:54 PST

I'm slightly lost in replying to this as it's been a
few days and I don't remember exactly what I was

> But what is 'real' and 'true' and to whom?
> Everything is subjective.
> Also I am not sure what "the media" is, I mean Fox
> News is different
> from say a Craig Baldwin movie, but both are forms
> of the media, I
> presume you mean dominant or mainstream media, but I
> think we need to
> be specific in this.

Actually I was implying that none of it was real as
such including Craig Baldwin. We sometimes might
perceive perhaps craig Baldwin to be more true than
Fox news or perhaps some people might perceive the
opposite, but of course none of it is true.

> > Essentially everything in the media is all lies of
> > course! :)
> Not sure if everything in the media is lies, that
> makes a whole series
> of assumptions, not least the fact that there is a
> single truth that is
> possible to present, and perhaps that just isn't the

Well I was actually joking at that point. Maybe a wink
would have been better than a smiley there.

> case. This isn't
> to say that there are not events or interpretations
> that we may agree
> on, but perhaps the frame in which something is
> viewed will create
> different responses, in terms of broadcast TV news

That's certainly true, one persons truth can easily be
another persons lies, even if they were both at the
same place. Truth is a very personal thing and it's
best not to let someone else control it.

> how do we as
> individuals watch something, what frame of reference
> do we put around
> it, and what are we not seeing, how do we relate to
> this not-seeing?

I think you are saying that people will respond to
media differently as individuals here? Not really sure
why you say that.

> > What's worse is
> > that being exposed to media over and over, you can
> > find yourself talking or thinking about things a
> > certain way, and catch yourself doing it and be
> like
> > "hang on, what the hell am I about to say! I don't
> > believe that!"
> >
> Or, worse, the news agenda we are thinking about is
> set by the
> mainstream media.

I'm not sure what you meant here.
> > I was absolutely horrified by what the tutor was
> > saying, and when I suggested that anybody could
> write
> > a book if they wanted to, people turned to me and
> told
> > me this wasn't true!!!
> >
> While I believe that anybody can write a book on one
> level - i.e
> physically put pen to paper as it were - the actual

Well of course, not everyone can because some people
have no limbs and some people have no motor control,
and some people can't write and some people have no
pen or paper...etc etc, but that isn't what they were

> process of writing
> can be incredibly hard, it isn't easy, just like
> making a movie isn't
> easy, or writing music isn't easy. If you write a
> book you then have

Well of course nobody suggested it was easy. Life
isn't easy.

> the issue of getting it out-there into shops etc,
> you need a publisher,

You could self publish and I know people that have.

You also don't have to get it out there in the shops,
you could just create a "vanity publication"

> distributor, and so on, you also need reviews and so
> on so people know
> the book exists, and you need an individual
> bookstore to push it as
> well. Getting a book produced is incredibly hard.

Of course. Writing a book is hard and distribution is
always an issue with any creative endeavour.

Anybody can write a book in the sense they meant just
as much as anyone can make art. I wonder if they would
have been prepared to say "not just anyone can make
...and of course the thing is that much of this stuff
is true about the internet too. Thats the heart of the
matter. I was more prepared to ignore the internet
thing because it is the usual nonsense and in some
ways it's quite positive to tell people that anyone
can publish a text on the web because maybe they will
think "hey I can do that" whereas it's very negative
to suggest that everyone couldn't write a book.



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