The Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53 Street
New York 10019

October-December 1999

October 18; November 1, 8, 22; December 6, 13; ongoing series

This forum with independent and/ or avant-garde filmmakers is in its thirty-second season. The series introduces audiences to short films spanning several years of an artist's work, or presents the artist's most recent films. Each program is introduced by the filmmaker and followed by a question-and-answer session. Cineprobe was organized by Laurence Kardish and Jytte Jensen.

Monday, October 18, 6:30:

Paul Winkler
Green Canopy. 1994. Australia. Paul Winkler. 16 min.
Time Out for Sport. 1996. Australia. Paul Winkler. 17 min.
Capillary Action. 1997. Australia. Paul Winkler. 16 min.
Rotation. 1998. Australia. Paul Winkler. 17 min.

Paul Winkler presents a selection of his recent short films, including Green Canopy, a brooding observation on the impending loss of a large tract of forest; Time Out for Sport, a story of a famous golfer who had a car accident; Capillary Action, an ode to the translucency of water; and Rotation, an imaginary journey to the threshold of pain via a symphonic onslaught of colors and sounds.
Total running time 66 min. T2

Monday, November 1, 6:30:

Michael Brynntrup
Todesstreifen-ein deutscher Film (TS VV III) (The Deathstrip-A German Film
(TS VV III)). 1995. Germany. Michael Brynntrup. 10 min.
All You Can Eat. 1993. Germany. Michael Brynntrup. 6 min.
Mein zweiter Vers (My Second Vers). 1993. Germany. Michael Brynntrup.
10 min.
Kain und Abel (Cain and Abel). 1994. Germany. Michael Brynntrup. 10 min.
Aide Mémoire-ein schwules Gedächtnisprotokoll (Aide Mémoire-Gay Document for Remembering). 1995. Germany. Michael Brynntrup. 16 min.
Loverfilm-eine unkontrollierte Freisetzung von Information (Loverfilm-An Uncontrolled Dispersion of Information). 1996. Germany. Michael Brynntrup. 22 min.
NY'NY'n why not. 1999. Germany. Michael Brynntrup. 4 min.

Brynntrup presents a selection of his short films, from All You Can Eat (1993), a humorous and titillating collage of mediated erotic imagery, to NY'NY'n why not (1999), a stroll along Christopher Street. Total running time 78 min. Filmmaker present. T2

Monday, November 8, 6:30:

Caspar Stracke
Circle's Short Circuit. 1998. USA/
Germany. Caspar Stracke. Circle's Short Circuit moves through a circle consisting of five interlocked episodes that describe the phenomenon of interruption in contemporary communicatons. Along the path of this circle the genre changes with each episode, moving from documentary, to essay, to collage, to simulated live-coverage, and to silent film. 85 min. Filmmaker present. T2

Monday, November 22, 6:30:

Stephanie Barber
angus mustang. 1996. USA. Stephanie Barber. 6 min.
woman stabbed to death. 1996. USA. Stephanie Barber. 4 min.
a little present (for my friend columbus the explorer). 1996. USA. StephanieBarber. 4 min.
pornfilm. 1998. USA. Stephanie Barber. 4 min.
they invented machines. 1997. USA. Stephanie Barber. 7 min.
flower, the boy, the librarian. 1997. USA. Stephanie Barber. 6 min.
shipfilm. 1998. USA. Stephanie Barber. 4 min.
metronome. 1998. USA. Stephanie Barber. 11 min.

A presentation of Barber's experimental short films from 1996 to 1998, including angus mustang (1996), a film paralleling different travels, woman stabbed to death (1996), an all-too-jovial trot through the paranoia-infested waters of radio, and flower, the boy, the librarian (1997), a classic love story.
Filmmaker present. Total running time 46 min. T2

Monday, December 13, 6:30:

Abraham Ravett
Horse/Kappa/House. 1995. USA. Abraham Ravett. Animation by Ishida Sumiaki.
The film records the surrounding landscape in a number of small villages in northeastern Japan in order to create a cinematic space which echoes the external and unseen world in the environment. 33 min. Forgefeel. 1997. USA. Abraham Ravett. The children's seemingly random and often chaotic play at a San Francisco public school is intercut with the regimentation imposed by the iron gates, morning bells, line-ups, and a repetitive, daily routine. 12 min. The Boardwalk. 1998. USA. Abraham Ravett. Photographed over a three-year period, the Brighton Beach-Coney Island boardwalk reflects the seasonal changes, daily activities, and the filmmaker's projected future. 29 min. The March. 1999. USA. Abraham Ravett. Utilizing a series of conversations conducted over a thirteen-year period between the filmmaker and his mother, The March details one woman's recollections of the 1945 "Death March" from Auschwitz. 25 min. Total running time 99 min. Filmmaker present. T2



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