Basement Films is a mobile, makeshift, volunteer-run venue for experimental, independent and other under-represented forms of film and (occasionally) video making. Basement Films provides a forum for voices not heard in mainstream media, in a non-traditional, non-profit milieu.

Since 1992, Basement Films has projected works by artists from around the country. We have provided equipment for other artist groups in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, organized and participated with other non-profit organizations, and performed original works created by our members as, part of the Basement Films philosophy.

Our income consists primarily of donations from shows, the majority of which we give to the artist involved, but comes occasionally from fund-raisers; we make up the short-falls from our own pockets. The money raised provides for mailers, flyers, equipment as well as project funding.

In addition to programming offstream films, Basement Films also lends its services to creating multi-media film projected environments in conjunction with live music and DJs. This can be arranged at a negotiable fee.

Basement Films maintains a reference file of like-minded venues and organizations located around the country. We are happy to share this information with those interested in getting public showings of their film and video work. Please e-mail us, call us (505 - 842 - 9977), or send us a letter using the address above.

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