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I've collaborated with so many people in so many ways that it's almost 'impossible' to keep track of it all. The purpose of this list is to try to organize some account of movies that originated with other people that I primarily collaborated on by providing soundtrack material, by being a cameraperson, by being an 'actor', or by being the subject of the movie. In many cases, I also provided ideas. In some cases I'm just listing movies where I make a cameo appearance. Movies where I feel like my collaboration was as important as that of any other participants in the project are listed in my main Movieography. Since as of this date (November 22, 2010), I'm very poorly organized for presenting this info, it'll be presented in a somewhat piecemeal fashion. In many cases, detailed explanatory notes are called for - wch I may or may not provide.



"The Unexpected End of Formula" - Olivia Ciummo - July-fall, 2002

"The First Celestial Adventure Of Mr. Antipyrine, Fire-Extinguisher" - Edgar Um Bucholtz & J. Fox - 1999 - pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4

"The Truth About the Dimensionally Challenged" - etta cetera - 1998-1999

"Neoist Love Story" - etta cetera - 1998?

"Extreme Unction" - Alfred Merchlinsky & Rupert Wondolowski - 1986-1988?

super-8 movie in London - Monty Cantsin - 1984



"Bike House" - Think Tank (Year of the Palindrome) - 2002

"Tails from the Unconvention" - Rita Rodentia - 2000

"another Taboo Caravan into Quiet Village - The KBZ 200 in Munich" - Edi Tschiesche - 1994-1996

movie for cable tv on post-nuclear holocaust - 1982

"Gender Fuck Party Closet Film" - Ricki DellAmerica - 1980

"Balti-Media Edition & Science Fair" - Axis Video - 1980



"Undie-Pendance Day" - Underwear Liberation Front - July 4, 2001

"Automobile ReVision: Think Tank VIII (aka Saab Story)" - Think Tank VIII - 2001

"Tails from the Unconvention" - Rita Rodentia - 2000

"Hair Farmer" - etta cetera - fall, 1998

"Frat Hex" - J. True - 1993



368. a. "Spectral Evidence"

- silent version made for "Sync'd 4" in "3 Rivers Film Festival" intended to have live soundtrack

- shot in Massachusetts from September 12-21, 2011

- camera, direction, editing, effects: tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

- additional camera, shadowy presences: Amy Catanzano

- additional camera, nature guide, court jestering, Putt-Putt Course: Vermin Supreme

- edit finished October 1, 2011

- 8:28

b. "Spectral Evidence"

- edit finished October 19, 2011

- featuring music by: Arnold Schönberg, Peter Maxwell Davies, HiTEC,

& poetry w/ music by Kenneth Patchen w/ The Chamber Jazz Sextet

(music composed by Allyn Ferguson)

- 1:18:42

c. "Lungs Face Feet @ Sync'd 4"

- edit finished November 11, 2011

- featuring music by "Lungs Face Feet" performed during "Sync'd 4" in "3 Rivers Film Festival" at the Regent Square Theater in Pittsburgh on Thursday, November 10, 2011 - w/ the band showing most of the time - this includes a unique edit of the "Spectral Evidence trailer".

- 41:37

d. "Spectral Evidence trailer" (YouTube version)

- edit finished November 11, 2011

- featuring music by "Lungs Face Feet" performed during "Sync'd 4" in "3 Rivers Film Festival" at the Regent Square Theater in Pittsburgh on Thursday, November 10, 2011 - w/ the band showing during "Verse 1" & the final "Chorus"

- 8:53

e. "Spectral Evidence trailer"

- edit finished November 13, 2011

- featuring music by "Lungs Face Feet" performed during "Sync'd 4" in "3 Rivers Film Festival" at the Regent Square Theater in Pittsburgh on Thursday, November 10, 2011 - but w/o the band showing

- 8:53

366. "vocabumemory"

- a collaboration made at the instigation of Erin Oh of a concept conceived of & realized by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE

- shot & edited by Erin Oh

- mini-dv

- July, 2011

- 5:00

"bITCHLIFTER (eMAGIC)" - Michael Benedetti - 2002?

"E-MAGIK MOVIE" - Warren Burt - 2000

"burning contour matrix" - Simon Tarr - 1999

"Correspondence Exchange" - Pete Horobin - 1984



"Cruentation" - Jona Pelovska - 2007

"Dances with Mirrors" - Jona Pelovska - 2007



"Is Is" - w/ George Quasha - Dec 22, 2010

George Quasha is making an on-going series of interviews in wch the interviewee addresses one or more of the following subjects: "Art is", "Poetry Is", Music Is, "Myth Is", & "Peace Is". Since I was visiting him at his Barrytown home, he invited me to contribute to "Poetry Is" &, perhaps, "Art Is". I responded by writing the following text & then reading it on-camera in a performative manner. "Is Is" is my name for it.

Art is a security blanket for people too scared to do anything TRULY creative.

Music is what art was before poetry came along & ruined it.

Poetry is an obsolete context for literary constructions but a great thing to tie yr shoelaces w/.

Poetry is what music was before art came along & ruined it.

Poetry is, when unquestioned, just another religion to be exalted as a proxy for the self.

Poetry is a way of saying something vague while deluding oneself as being rigorous.

Poetry is something that sets off my Bullshit Detector.

Poetry is something that I enjoy most when poets make the least claims for it.

Myth is alright as long as no-one believes it.

Peace is something you can only rely on when you learn to live w/ utter misery.

"Who is tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE?" - Kent Bye - 2002

brief appearance on Malaysian tv - 2000

"Phÿcus Goes Hungary" - Brian Damage - 1997

"How How Orgone Cinema Treats Its Visiting Filmmakers" - Orgone Cinema - 1995

"Official" appearance on prime time Canadian tv entertainment program - 1992

"Beach Party #11" - 1991

"Ultimatum II: part III: "Borderlines"" - Montréal Cable TV - September, 1987



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