I'll Walk with God

(1994), 16mm color sound film, 8:00, by Scott Stark
Using emergency information cards surreptitiously lifted from the backs of airline seats, I'll Walk with God pictorially charts an airline flight attendant's stoic transcendence through and beyond worldly adversity. Through an elaborate system of posturing and nuance that evokes an almost ritualistic synergy, the female protagonist(s) are shuttled toward a higher spiritual plane, carried aloft on the shimmering wings of Mario Lanza's soaring tremolo.

Winner: First Prize (Director's Choice), Black Maria Film Festival, 1995

"With the silence for the first half, and the horrifying images, banal and tragic, sweeping through the screen of the airplane crash cards, and then the Mario Lanza track erupting on the sound level, the film summed up the ephemerality of human existence, our collective wish to remain immortal, the impossibility of this... it's a deeply felt, deeply moving film." -- Wheeler Winston Dixon

Selected screenings:

Museum of Modern Art, New York
Whitney Museum of American Art
Lux Media Centre, London, England
Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, California
Pratt Film Series, Pratt University, New York
Tojin-machi Independent Film Festival, Saga City, Japan
Flicker Film Festival, Durham, North Carolina
San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco
Eiga Arts, Saga City, Japan
Image Forum, Tokyo, Japan
Peripheral Produce, Portland, Oregon
Madison Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Moviate, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Milwaukee Outdoor Film Show, Milwaukee
Blinding Light, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Walker Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Haciendo Cine, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago
Other Cinema, San Francisco, California
Fringe Film & Video Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
Total Mobile Home, San Francisco, California
Black Maria Film Festival
Austria Filmmakers Cooperative, Vienna, Austria
Film Arts Festival, San Francisco, California