Experimental films by Stephen Connolly

Cathode Ray

1994 7 minutes (super 8)

Cathode Ray is a film dedicated to the personal discovery of film as an artistic medium. It is a film in which a single character ventures through various places; haunted by the television, yet mesmerized by a film projector. He attempts to reach salvation through religion but finds the cathode ray tube's destruction to be the ultimate salvation. The film incorporates scratching, inking, and expired stock from 1976. The soundtrack was scored and recorded by myself featuring backwards drum tracks performed by Tim Meyer and Mark Townsend (also playing the main character).

Radial Mo-Down

1995 (16mm) 7 minutes

Radial Mo-Down is a partial narrative which explores the mind set of an automobile driver who discovers a victim of a hit and run accident. It involves dramatic situations occurring outside the incident, and inside the driver's psyche. It is a film made for the intent of trying to duplicate a vivid experience by stretching thought through cinema - duplicating a few seconds of a thought experience into a 1-2 minute film montage sequence. The film incorporates scratching, homemade filters, found music, and experimental sound recording techniques. The film features Robert Aikens, Tim Meyer, Adrian Smith, Kim Shannon, John Battles, and Jeff Burr.

West of the Smokestacks

1997 9 minutes (super 8)

West of the Smokestacks is a film which pursues the hidden moods of the rural environment. I like to describe it as an experimental documentary of images dealing with the unexposed northwestern section of New Jersey. It is an area in which I was raised, and a subject that I am beginning to explore. It is a journey of images through the underside of the rural community; each image has it's own significant importance. It is a personal film which incorporates film painting, inking, scraping, and scratching. The soundtrack was composed and recorded by myself and fellow filmmaker Gabe Walsh.

The Mountain Whispers

1997 (super 8) 3 minutes

Shot in Montana, this is a montage film that expresses a connection between myself and the mountains of western Montana and the world of nature in general. The importance of natural rhythm is explored and conveyed through camera and editing techniques. It incorporates two shots of found footage plus manipulations such as scratching, painting, inking, and dying. I scored and recorded the soundtrack which uses multi-tracked keyboard and AM static. The film features Jason Cieradkowski.

all films are available from the filmmaker:

Stephen Connolly
3371 Kennedy Blvd.
jersey city NJ 07307

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