Marina McDougall


1993, 12 min., color and black & white, sound, 16mm
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now mixes archival and original footage to describe architectural, automotive and electronic realms that have shaped the great American nomadic experience. From mobile billboards to karaoke machines, this experimental documentary essay combines images that evoke the ether of the American sprawl, shaped by technologies which in overcoming time and space have created a vast placelessness. The film takes on a wry, dispassionate humor to cope with this human displacement.

Dallas Video Festival 1993
Inter-Film, Berlin - Best Essay Film 1993
Film + Arc 1 Graz, Austria 1993
Ann Arbor Film Festival & Tour - Honorable Mention 1994
Melbourne International Film Festival 1994
Athens International Film Festival 1994
Onion City Film Festival, Chicago 1994
Triennale of Milan 1994
Distributed by Drift Distribution in New York (212) 254-4118 and available on VHS through Budget Films' 1/2" Heaven in Los Angeles (213) 660-0187.

Marina McDougall is a media arts project developer at the Exploratorium, a museum of art, science and human perception in San Francisco. Reach her through the ether at