"Tornado" , 4 min.color video 2002 by Lynne Sachs

A tornado is a spinning cyclone of nature. It stampedes like an angry bull through a tranquil pasture of blue violets and upright blades of grass. A tornado kills with abandon but has no will. Lynne Sachs' "TORNADO" is a poetic piece shot from the perspective of Brooklyn, where much of the paper and soot from the burning towers fell on September. Sachs' fingers obsessively handle these singed fragments of resumes, architectural drawings and calendars, normally banal office material that takes on a new, haunting meaning.

Distributed as part of a package of works coordinated by San Francicsoc filmmakers Jay Rosenblatt ( and Caveh Zahedi as well as New York filmmaker Pola Rappaport (

Here is a description of project.


There is a disproportionately large number of filmmakers and video makers who live in a radius of two to three miles around the site of the former World Trade Center in New York. From their homes many of them could see or hear the plane crashes, the fires and the collapse of the twin towers. It seemed surreal and impossible to accept the reality of what was going on even near Ground Zero. But New Yorkers were experiencing the events in their immediacy, unfiltered by media coverage, unlike the rest of the country.

The extraordinary events of September eleventh and their aftermath were documented by some of these artists and documentarians. This is a program of these works, focusing on films and videos by women. From where they stood, each has had a unique angle onto the disasters of that day.

Walker Art Center, Artist Television Access, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival