Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle

The films of Guy Debord have been an occult presence. Available at first only by pilgrimage to the Rue de Cujas, they became completely inaccessible in the mid-1980s when Debord withdrew them from circulation. In January of this year, 2 older films and a new video collaboration with Brigitte Cornand were broadcast on French tv, shortly after Debord's suicide. The vcrs were running. Through the machinations of Ediciones La Calavera, Debord's film version of The Society of the Spectacle is now available in an English-subtitled NTSC version on VHS video. It may now enter the arena of theory and practice in the English language world. The subtitles are by Keith Sanborn. Proceeds will go to fund further subtitling projects.


For individuals:

$30 U.S. for locations in the USA.
$40 U.S. for locations elsewhere.

Institutions should contact for more information.

Payment must be in advance in US dollars ONLY in US Postal money orders for US addresses. No cash. No personal checks. No C.O.D.'s. International orders must be in traveler's checks in U.S. Dollars. All US orders will be sent priority mail. Tapes sent outside the US will go by US first class mail.

Make money orders or traveler's checks payable to: "Keith Sanborn".

Send orders with payment to:

Ediciones La Calavera
P.O. Box 1106
Peter Stuyvesant Station
New York, NY 10009

Smile, Karen Elliott is watching.

Also available under the same terms on NTSC VHS: René Viénet's Can Dialectics break bricks?

Send mail to Keith Sanborn at