Jamie Hull

Jamie Hull, since graduating from SFAI with a BFA in filmmaking in 1993 has split time between SanFrancisco and NewYork. He is an experimental filmmaker that works almost exclusively with 16mm and S-8. His work is soon to be a part of the permanent collection of the Canyon cinema archive. His films have screened at the SF Cinemateque, Film Arts Foundation, The Pacific Film Archive Alternative Film Show, and PDX Film Festival in Portland. AS well as several underground movie houses and venues in and around NYC and Woodstock NY.

"The essential will of film is kinetic and temporal, the last of an erotic science, convulsive in its most primal nature. It comes to us in the paroxysm of the snapshot, the blink of the eye, the eruption of the flare, or the fracturing of light into form. All culminating with the dissolution of the moment that breath where time and memory intersects with the excitation of the eye to look to see to search out, always aware that the succession of stills that we shape, that we are cutting, splicing, and letting go are at the same time the utterances of our own annihilation and self discovery."

Meditation #1. Lost Dog, 7.5 min.16mm, B&W, silent. 1993
Meditation # 2. Glass Pane Nebula, 13min.16mm, B&W/Color, sound. 1994-98
Meditation #3. Slices, 8 min.16mm, B&W/Color, silent. 2005
Scrapbook # 1. Diary of a Snowmaker, 6 min. S-8mm, B&W/Color, sound. 2003
Scapbook #2. February, 5 min. 16mm, B&W, sound. 2005-06
Void of Season, 16mm, B&W/Color, sound. Work in progress
Scrapbook #3. Running With The Muse, 9 min.16mm, Color, sound. 2004-2006
Last Transmissions of the Suicide Kid, new project.