Film and Video Artists

Watch this space! This list is constantly growing and changing, as we add new film and video artists from across the USA and beyond. So check back often. And if you're a media artist or have some information you'd like to share, please contact us.

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Abate, Bobby
the greasy, vain, trend-obsessed chaos of the New York experience
Alshaibi, Usama
from Baghdad to Chicago, crossing cultural boundaries
Angela Alston
a curious lament and some sensual imagery
Alvarez, Alfonso
cross-referencing cultures with optically-printed experimentation
Ahwesh, Peggy
approaching culturally complex issues and individuals with disarming simplicity and intelligence
Alperin, Leslie
carryovers from painting, feminism and film theory.
Angerame, Dominic
from personal diary to passionate abstraction.
Arnold, Bob
Echolalia, Zeno's Paradox and other conundrums
Auger, Pascal
pour enrichir notre monde, en inventer un petit bout
video paintings, images, sounds, a dry space beyond the tide
Baillie, Bruce
musings, remedies and inspirations from one of cinema's pioneer lyricists
Baldwin, Craig
copyright infringement is your best entertainment value.
Barker, Hayley
the spectacle of the female body and emotional/psychological states
Barker, Phillip
capturing the soul in an image
Barten, Rebecca
from 17 Typewriter Films to 700 Measured Sprays.
Beekman, René
seeing and not seeing, perceiving and not perceiving, experiencing the grey-area in between
Behrens, Jon
atmospheric, seductively alienating and sometimes disturbing work filled with timelapse cinematography, multiple exposures and film solorization
Beloff, Zoe
getting beneath the skin of everyday life, using half-forgotten media technologies.
Berliner, Alan
films, installations, new media; mining the found and the formal for personal moments
Betancourt, Michael
using literalized puns, double meanings, and uncertain conclusions to address how the audience understands what they see/hear
Beauvais, Elise
meditative, thematic, rhythm-based, cyclical ways of communicating
Beauvais, Yann
slicing through landscapes and memory
Biermann, Gregg
apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, or maybe the gnostic gospels of the avant-garde cinema
Biller, Anna
restaging the stagier aspects of cinema
Brand, Bill
a widening field of systems including the social, biological and psychological system of the body as subject
Brakhage, Stan
reviews, interviews, and articles by and about the great cinema pioneer, compiled by writer Fred Camper
Brose, Lawrence F.
holding up a mirror to gay sexuality and plumbing its tensions with controlled image manipulation and extremely experimental hand-processing techniques
Broussard, Rene
appropriated video diaries and documentaries
Brynntrup, Michael
film diary, non-linear film for interactive media, homo erectus, loverfilms, more
Calvo, Clemente
cinearte como medio en el que integrar fotografía, artes plásticas, poesía, música e ideas
Carolfi, Jerome
humor, irony and a fluid, often jazz-like sensibility convey an intimate and connected energy at work
Caudill, Craig
controlled by bees and other living substances
Chartier, Russell
video art and installations
Christ, Joe
for starters, try sex blood mutilation kill the pigs speed freaks with guns and communion in room 410
Chutiwongpeti, Sarawut
video art and installations from Bangkok, exploring intimacy and emotion
Clouin, Pierre Yves
always begin the workout with a short warm-up.
Colcord, Webster
aggressively strange subject matter
Comerford, Thomas
pinhole motion picture cameras and found/homemade noise machines
Connolly, Stephen
inking, scraping, and scratching film to connect to the natural rhythms of the physical world
Crane, Cathy Lee
ficitional memoirs, colliding histories, sensual dreamscapes
Cseri-Briones, Pia
making the viewer a more active participant in the filmic experience via visual, emotional and mental stimulation
Cutrone, Christopher
reveries on interracial male homosexuality, enacting the imbrication of fantasy and memory
d, eddie
installations and web pages with interactive sound and images
Deal, Kevin
invoking the wonders of the natural world through cinematic ritual
DiLillo, Lisa
videos, performances and photos dealing with themes of memory, myopia, media mishaps and much much more
Dixon, Wheeler Winston
experimentation with sound and image categorizes the emotional levels of interior narratives
Doing, Karel
personal stories and poetry from Rotterdam
Dougherty, Cecilia
narcissistic transference, sexual dependency, super-models, tiny kittens, car crashes and explosions, women with machine guns, the ocean, beautiful flowers, counfounding Freud
Fadiman, Dorothy
radiance and the experience of light
Filmgruppe Chaos
a collective of Super-8 filmmakers. The group has produced short experimental- and animationfilms as well as a documentary and a featurefilm
Finkelstein, David
video performances which combine meticulously crafted computer-generated imagery with improvised text and music
Finley, Jeanne C.
exploring the relation between the document and the documented, fiction and fact, empathy and irony
Fotopolous, James
mysticism, the paragon of animals, monster babies, snail shell textures, tumors
Fox, Robert
cross-stitching medical imagery with the human psyche
Friedrich, Su
exploring lesbian adolescence, marriage, fatherhood, family relations, motherhood, closeted romance and that sink or swim paradigm
Frye, Brian
an original and devotional approach to cinematic substance... to discover in the analysis of the individual moment the crystal of the total event
Fulbeck, Kip
multiracial explorations in contemporary video
Furman, Doron
video art linking femininity with social violence, technology, and deviance
Galush, John
producing blockbusters on a shoestring
Gazzo, Monica
visual poetry, originality and intimacy while challenging issues of gender and race
Gehr, Ernie
film is a real thing and as a real thing it is not imitation.
Geyer, Anna
birth, rebirth, demolition and reconstruction through multi-layered imagery
Hall, David
the physical reality of TV as a site of exchange, a creator of illusion, a channel of information, or what Baudrillard terms 'a screen of ecstatic refraction'
Halm, Patrick
how to explain telivision to a dead hare
Hammer, Barbara
making the invisible lost histories, visible; radical montage, Situationist comedy, a history lesson for all
Hanisch, Annette
videofilms, sculptures, installations; who needs a hero?
Higgins, Janene
videos and performance collaborations on childhood trauma, desolation, hallucinating nuns, & hair removal
Hills, Henry
keeping the rhythms irregular and the progression of imagery and ideas unpredictable, to mimic the rhythms of my own body and mind
Hockenhull, Oliver
heaven and architecture, beautiful jews, and digital musings
Hubbard, Jim
cinematic images do not erase life with stereotypes but let life live on, somewhere else, outside the screen.
Johnson, James W.
angels in a pig's eye
Jones, William
pornographic yet chaste, distanced yet mesmerizing, reticent yet moving
July, Miranda
the expected is replaced by something surprising, yet remains rich with emotional resonance
Katz, Leandro
alternating between ephemeral evocations and documentary reporting
Kless, Larry
exploring the mythical frontiers of western culture and the romanticism of colonialism
Klonaris, Maria
a transcultural reflection on body, memory, ritual, dream, mythological figures
Konefsky, Bryan
Freedom Land. My parents never took me, they said it was too far.
Kren, Kurt
counteracting the mimetic abundance of cinema with brittle mathematical principles, a witty imagination and a roughly formalized sensuality
Krumins, Daina
meticulously crafted surrealist animations blending natural shapes and real objects
Iimura, Takahiko
playfully articulating the vocabulary of cinema through human speech.
Laitala, Kerry
medical mischief and mayhem
Lake, Ellen
obsessions with collecting and collections
Laurent La Gamba
Camouflages and pro-cryptic installations
Larcher, David
intoxicating imagery taking you beyond the rational
Lattanzi, Barbara
digital movies on and off the net
Lesser, Tom
cinema becomes the thread passing on its ghosts and providing a soul for the new digitial mediums
Lewin, Anya
the subtle tones of camp
Lewis, Ryan
lingering ghosts, punk bands and dying love in the Sunshine State
Lidell, Erik
culture jamming with a variety of media
Liotta, Jeanne
makes films and other cultural ephemera, media mystic, collaborator, anarchist, mother, and believer...
Lord, Chip
video essays and installations on car culture and technological homogenization
Ma Fish Co
faux foreign videos and diasporic tales of ancient roman curses
Machet, Cari
ornamental bathing
Marton, Pier
from performance art to documentary essays, with an effort towards unmasking our blind spots
McClelland, Pete
grey is good, with or without bifocals
McCormick, Matt
finding meaningful art in the unlikeliest of places
McDougall, Marina
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home By Now.
McKenna, Laurie
"You sure he's dead?" I said. "yeah he's dead, two years ago."
Menkes, Nina
harrowing, hallucinatory journeys
Mercado, Marcello
polythene/within nitrogen limits/squeezing-cutting/cleaning-polishing/crushing/crack!-crack!
Metcalfe, Rohesia Hamilton
asking us to look again at things we might have thought we knew already
Michaud, Hans
involuntary jumps made by the eyes from one point to another
Miron, Francois
optical extravaganza; the process is the film, the film is the process, the two are the same
Moricz, Bob
low grade high carnage action shorts
Moritsugu, Jon
mod fuck explosion fame whore
Moore, Andy
a blend of structural and personal concerns; a deep interest in the grammar of cinema and music.
Mosvold, Frank
the agony created by internalized homophobia; the relationship between one's faith and one's sexual orientation
Munro, David
Shimmering allegories for post-modern lovers. Toss another log on the fire...then jump in!
Muse, John
exploring the relation between the document and the documented, fiction and fact, empathy and irony
Nicholls, Graham
film, video, installations dealing with place, voyeurism, language and expression
Nigrin, Al
a long-time maker and promoter of experimental film
blending nature, humanity and technology
Pizzi, Peter Anthony
magical stories in personal video
Platt, Lisa
humor, camp, parody, identification... how we come to know ourselves through so many images
Plotnick, Danny
gimme Super-8 or Gimme Death!
Pound, Stuart
poetry with video
Povey, Thad
found footage and physical processes; filmmaking is a medium to articulate the unspeakable.
Price, Seth
an experiment in purposefully bad web design
Ravett, Abraham
forging intersections between personal histories and historical events
Raxlen, Rick
Victoria, BC's veteran of experimental film
Razutis, Al
persistence of the avant-garde praxis and 'anarchist' sentiments
Reilly, Jack
straddling the razor sharp edge of hollywood
Rekow, Leanne
here, there, everywhere... also here
Rekveld, Joost
the technological history of media as a pool of meaningful, human motives, comparable to myths
Richardson, Emily
the cinematic apparatus being an extension of the body
Rice, Terri
good stuff from planet out
Rodriguez, Dinorah de Jesús
coaxing strength from the creative unconscious
Sachs, Lynne
exposes the limitations of verbal language by replacing it with complex emotional and visual vistas; her intricately layered films explode the borders between genres, discourses, racialized identities, psychic states and nations
Saks, Eric
a prank without theory is merely a hoax
Sanborn, Keith
Something is Seen But One Doesn't Know What.
Schaller, Robert
investigations into technology, culture, and history
Schell, Michael
synthesized imagery and music, exploring the relationship between sign and object in contemporary society
Schlemowitz, Joel
incantations, photochemical processes, cine-poems and eye music
Scipio, Richard
gen-x love stories, tragicomedies, gangsters
Sharits, Paul
"one of the true masters of modern film"
Sher, Elizabeth
keeping you off balance with infusions of satire, abstraction, surrealism and whimsy
Silver, Shelly
small lies and big truths
Smith, Jack
vanguard filmmaker, radical photographer, seminal performance artist, queer saint
Smith, Lee
a one-man film factory
Smith, Michele
heavily edited frame by frame collage/montage/hand painted/ripped/cut/etched found footage
Snider, Greta
following the impulse to document/discuss ideas that may fall through the cracks, or be uncertain and fleeting
Soe, Valerie
racial discrimination, intimate interpersonal relationships and ostracization.
Spear, Chelsea
zine publisher turned filmmaker
Stark, Scott
urban sabotage, camera as musical instrument, and walking with God.
Street, Mark
ranging from abstract hand-manipulated material to work that recontextualizes found footage, tofilms that involve written texts
Supak, Corbin
live porn chat, NASDAQ arcades, rogue indie bands, apartment cafes...
art is trash -- trash is art
Sykes, Barbara
video poems blending with ethnographic documentaries, exploring Hinduism, holy men, spirituality and transcendence
Taleb, Aziz
penetrating video art from Morocco
Talukdar, Shashwati
journeys of an amused and horrified postcolonial lady
Tape-Beatles, The
audio and visual playfulness, all created from found sources
Tarr, Simon
anxiety about people and technology
Tartaglia, Jerry
gay consciousness, sexual representation, self-identity and visual metaphor
psychic slippages, conceptual ponderings, neo-cosmic blatherings and a full battery of bad puns
Thomadaki , Katarina
a transcultural reflection on body, memory, ritual, dream, mythological figures
Thorstenson, Skye
blogs, baghead boys and burnt norton
Toman, Mary Ann
the inherent strangeness of the mundane and the given, exploring language, gender and everyday landscapes
Tucker, Chantelle
film as therapy through neurofeedback
Varela, Willie
sublime super-8 and more from one of the masters of the medium
Walsh, Jack
fan letters to Rock, retelling of Christian myths, working class chronicles
Weaver, Deke
An intimate theatrical carnival ride of human sacrifice and romance. In a tent.
Wellenstein, Denise
the mother, the muse, the memory, the succubus
Welsby, Chris
the mechanics of film and video interact with the landscape to participate in the process of representation
Wet Gate
the All-16mm Projection Ensemble
White, Lili
personal journeys through the realm of the unconscious, using symbols, gestural movement and animated props
Whitehead, Oliver
film/video, installation, drawing, photography
Williams, Lloyd
dreamy images from the dark corners of the mind
Wondra, Janet and Walker, Jeff
spy stories, extraterrestrials, Southern politics and darkly poetic tall tales
Wrbican, Sue
storytelling, heartfelt prose and artful videography coalesce into an original and compelling web site
Zedd, Nick
transgressive cinema seething with the effervescent incandescence of underground life forms
Zeller, George
surrealist storytelling from Italy