hi-beam: illuminating experimental cinema

FilmThreat.com reviews of experimental cinema by David Finkelstein

The Flaherty Experience: a personal report by Klaus Eisenlohr

The Rasp and the Little Rock: Charles Recher's TV by Michael Betancourt

Willard Maas' Image in the Snow, by Jerome Hiler

Between Visions: An intermedia commentary, written and curated by Konrad Steiner

Children, Nature, Fragmentation: An Idiosyncratic Review of the 2000 New York Film Festival's "Views from the Avant-Garde" by Craig Fischer

Bruce Elder's Illuminated Texts and 1857 (Fool's Gold): A Modern Cinema by Brett Kashmere

The Middle Six Feet: the birth and demise of regular-8 film and personal cinema by Scott Stark

Report on Jim Shedden's Brakhage by William Wees

October: Ten Days That Shake the World (Ken Jacobs Retrospective in Boulder, Colorado) by Steve Anderson

Word to Image: Cinema inspired by poems, written and curated by Konrad Steiner

10 I liked (1998) by Scott Stark/Flicker

10 I liked (1997) by Scott Stark/Flicker


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