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On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 9:49 AM, Beebe,Roger W <> wrote:

> My initial response to this is that at some level aren't most makers using
> both film and digital technologies?

This was my thought as well. At this stage, filmmaking is hybrid by
nature... even if one does the whole process
"on film" (picture and sound), you have to send your work out for preview
as a DVD or file. Only a few places will
consider previewing a print.

> Similarly, I don't think I know anyone who still edits sound on film
> (although there must be a few hardcore film cutters out there), but, again,
> I guess these aren't the kind of works that advertise themselves as hybrid,
> even if they are using digital technologies in significant ways.

The sound for Empty Quarter was recorded on DAT and file-based recorders,
location sound was xferred to mag, interviews were edited in FCP and output
to mag. All soundtracks were sync'd on the flatbed and cut tracks xferred
back to file for final mix. Mix session master file was dumped back to mag,
sync was check against work print and mag was sent off for shooting optical
sound track.

Super hybrid!

But, as you say, we are not "advertising" the work as hybrid. The viewer
watches a 16mm print.


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