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From: Brecht Debackere <Brecht_at_visualantics.net>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 16:49:21 +0100

Dear all,

Visualantics, an independent Brussels based production company is currently working on a documentary film covering the EXPRMNTL filmfestival which took place in Knokke.
While we have uncovered several films covering the festival (from filmmakers, TV stations and archives) we are convinced that more footage of this festival exists.

I'm sending this call out to everyone who might have been there, who might have made photo's or films during the festival, both in Knokke (or at the World Expo '58, where the 2nd edition took place) and in the Casino itself.
If you have any material, or know anyone who might have filmed and photographed the festival we would love to hear about it!

Kind Regards,

Brecht Debackere

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