Re: [Frameworks] Where to buy 100D cheap in bulk?

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Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 17:28:21 +0000

In the US, student discount is actually 30%. Before I left for Berlin this summer, I grabbed 20 rolls of 100D with the educational discount at Kodak in New York for about $10/roll, so that'd be a lo cheaper than your 12 pounds each, probably even with shipping from the States.


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If you're attached to a college you can get a discount from Kodak, although it's only about 10%.

NIcky Hamlyn.

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Subject: [Frameworks] Where to buy 100D cheap in bulk?

Hi frameworks,

This year I've shot a hell of a lot of super 8 films and it's cost me a small fortune. I usually spend around £12 a cartridge and I did the math on how many films I've shot this year and it kind of blew me away how much I've spent. I was wondering if there was anyplace I can order the cartridges in bulk to save some dollar in the long run next year? I would consider buying from any country as long as it saves me some cash.


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