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Not sure where to start! I'm sure theres quite a few but some recent ones off the top of my head would be:

Tokyo Gore Police
Mean Girls
Jennifers Body
Kick Ass

All very different but depends on where you are coming from and how young you had in mind!

It's been a long time since I've seen "carrie" but I can't imagine it doesn't have some kind of fighting scene, phenomena maybe, I might be stretching things a bit on those last two. Do the scenes in "the exorcist" count?

What about "heathers", not seen it in a scary number of years so maybe it was all more psychological stuff. I honestly can't remember that much about it now beyond a few images in my head and Christian Slater pulling strange faces...



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thanks all!  these suggestions are all great (ea in their own way)
On Nov 28, 2011, at 2:29 PM, Chuck Kleinhans wrote:
     I beleive there's one of adolescents fighting in Thirteen
  For adult women: there's a long comic tradition in classic Hollywood films of "catfights" which are almost always for amusement of male onlookers; you could track them down with IMDb's keyword feature.
  A classic example: Dance GIrl Dance (d. Dorothy Arzner)
  A recent interation: Bandidas with Salma Heyek and Penelope Cruz
  For women fighting (often with women) there's a very substantial Asian lineage of warrior women.
  Perhaps the best example of that would be Heroic Trio (Vastly superior to Crouching Tiger, IMHO)
  There are many recent articles and even books on the Warrior Woman ripe, easily researched with a Google search
  Many women in prison films have such sequences.
  Chuck Kleinhans
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