[Frameworks] filmmaker needed half-time

From: Jonathan M. Hall <jmhall_at_pomona.edu>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 15:18:12 -0800

Dear All,

I haven't seen job-postings here, but I did want to announce a half-time position we have at Pomona College in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles for a "Visiting Fellow of Media Praxis." An experimental filmmaker competent with documentary filmmaking would be very welcome. I hope I'm not abusing the frameworks list-protocol by drawing your attention.

You can find information here:

and here:

With very best wishes,

Jonathan M Hall
Department of Media Studies
Pomona College
140 West Sixth Street
Claremont CA 91711-6335 USA
1-909-607-2214 (office)
1-909-621-8296 (fax)

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