[Frameworks] non-profit sponsorship for applying for grants!

From: carl elsaesser <elsaesserc_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 11:23:26 -0800

Hey workers,
I am trying to get several grants for a new film I am developing, but most
of the applications require non-profit status or partnership. I was
wondering if anyone knows of a non-profit film organization that I could
team up with so I could apply for these grants. I would work out some sort
of deal to cut the board a part of the check. I am located in San
Francisco, but I am not sure that matters... If any one has any advice or
could point me towards an organization that could help out it would be much

I plan on living over the next year or so with several facebook, googlers
and a variety of other start up web based executives and their families ( I
have already gotten permission from several people). I am fascinated with a
life that is so invested in an abstract and infinite space. How has this
lifestyle changed the poetic web of associations in these families. What is
intimacy now? How has this, and to a larger extent non-privacy and the
internet in general, play into how someone engages with nature. What is a
forest now? How is language used and where does perspective lie when
someone invests so much time creating these two online.

Some of the people I would be living with develop the invisible functions
that limit and streamline our everyday internet use, from the push for
localizing personal internet searches so that the internet 'gets to know
you' to defining large masses of people on patterns that confuse individual
identity with projections of identity.

Most importantly this project will remain more as poetry than documentary,
churning and pulling apart some of these tensions as opposed to observing
as a static web-camera does. In order to address these ideas I have started
to collaborate with several dancers and other experimental film-makers
improvising and exploring different processes on going about this project.
And before I actually start production I'll need some financial support.

Thanks for any advice or criticism!

Too much love,

cArl Elsaesser
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