[Frameworks] Millennium Meeting Update

From: Jay Hudson <jkh30003_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:12:40 -0400

On Sunday, we had a very successful meeting. There was a good
turnout, especially considering that it was called on a three day
notice. Howard Guttenplan, the Board President, called a special
members' meeting for October 16th, a time to be announced.

Mainly we discussed the format and the rules of the meeting.
Additionally, there was a rundown of the current situation with La
Mama, the landlord and the Millennium's situation in general.

There were cards passed around. One contained what people liked about
the Millennium and what people wanted to see. The other contained
what people were willing to do or any resources they had
(volunteering, connections, etc.) to offer. I would like to hear the
same from Frameworkers. What does the Millennium mean to you, what
would you like to see from the Millennium, and what time, skills,
relatives with skills, etc. could you offer the Millennium. Please
contact me offlist.

While the Millennium is in a difficult state right now, it is not
insurmountable. I felt from the energy of last Sunday's meeting that
a revival was in progress. A lot of people had good suggestions and
really showed that they cared about the Millennium.

I will keep you posted with updates.

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