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Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 12:50:06 +0000

i really like using letraset directly onto film, though i've never been skilled enough to hold an entire word with enough registration for it to be visible over a few frames!

one problem i've encountered: the letraset will rub off (partially at least) if you put the film onto a spool. i've tried various coverings to stop this, but never really found anything satisfactory. i'd really like to know if someone else has good advice

as nicky says, they no longer sell loads of lines in the uk. the reason they do so in japan is because it's such an essential part of manga production (though i guess it's not long before it becomes more acceptable to do the shading on a computer). what with the popularity of manga in the uk too, i've found letra do sell quite a few lines of letratone here, aimed at that market (basic tones, some pretty cool textures, gradients), but you have to look in specialist graphics shops around where all the marker pens are. and also suffer the ignominy of buying a product aimed at teenage boys, probably with a manga drawing of a semi-clad teenage girl on the packet


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It works very well. In Japan you can still but all kinds of sheets of graphic marks, symbols and half-tone textures, the kind of thing Letraset used to make but no longer do. Font size is up to you, and depends on how many letters you ant to fit on one frame, obviously. Sheets of the smallest font usually have around twenty of each letter or so: the smaller the font the more you get on a sheet, but it's cheap so why not buy a few sheets?

 It's worth contacting Letraset as they did have a backlog of the textures etc and they gave me some a few years ago. They are in Ashford (UK),

NIcky Hamlyn.




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Dear Friends,

I was wondering if anyone has used letra-set to create words on 16mm film. If so, I would appreciate your suggestion on font size. Also, are there enough letters in a packet to create sentences for 24 - 48 frames?

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