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On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 6:23 AM, Jay Hudson <> wrote:

> Bolex still makes cameras

I'm curious how many cameras Bolex makes in a year? I assume (if any) they
are making them to order. I bought an
SBM new from Bolex around 2005/6. It was actually a demo model from their

Their is also the Swedish company Ikonoskop, however it looks to me like
they are focusing mostly on digital and 3D at
this stage. Du-All is the US distributor of Ikonoskop and was even doing
mods to add a viewfinder.

There is Photosonics, makers of high speed cameras. Not certain if they make
any new cameras? According to their
website, Photosonics cameras are still in use at automobile crash test

Alan Gordon makes the Gordon GSAP Minicam, though I'd be surprised if they
are taking orders for these cameras, it seems
more of a limited rental market, direct from AG.

Of course, none of the above are like cameras made by Aaton and Arriflex. I
was actually surprised when Arriflex came out
with the 416. I wonder how many 416 cameras they actually sold? No rental
house in the Bay Area or the NW actually bought
one of these. I've even seen a few Aaton Xtera (upgraded XTRprod) cameras
being sold on the used market.

BTW, anyone have an old Maurer camera they want to sell?


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