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Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 09:30:10 -0500

**1550 N Milwaukee Ave 4th Floor
**Adele Friedman, Bill Stamets, Jason Halprin, Karen Johannesen, Adam
Paradis & Lori Felker in Person!
Adele Friedman - Doug & His Plants
Saul Levine - Big Stick
Bill Stamets - Red Filter Goes to Cortes Island. Sees Dogs and Sun
Jason Halprin – All Night & All Day
Michael Robinson – Untitled
Karen Johannesen - Light Speed
Adam Paradis - Sun Dress
Lori Felker - I Own A Carousel
Jo Ann Elam – Lie Back & Enjoy It

*9:30 PM-Super 8 Filmmaker Jaap Pieters 2011 US Tour*
*Co-presented by Christy LeMaster of The Nightingale Theatre *

Dutch super 8 filmmaker Jaap Pieters will be in person with live musical
accompaniment by local musician Travis Bird! The Chicago 8 Festival is very
pleased to co-present this program with Christy LeMaster from the
Nightingale Theatre. Jaap’s films are highly personal observations of his
surroundings. Limiting himself to the duration of the 3-minute Super 8 reel,
he uses minimal equipment and editing. Often filming from his apartment
window, he may focus on unusual people seen on the street, or on recurring
characters both known and unknown. In the manner of a home screening, Jaap
will be present at these shows to give commentary on his program, which will
be selected at each individual show. Travis will improvise accompaniment to
the silent films, incorporating both musical and nonmusical sounds to
interact with the visual environments presented in Jaap’s films.

Jaap Pieters has been taking photographs and making Super 8 films for the
last three decades, and is a well-known presence in Europe. Beginning with
his first solo program in Istanbul in 1997, he has shown regularly
throughout virtually all corners of Europe, including on tours of
Switzerland, Germany, and Spain, as well as in Paris, Athens, Copenhagen,
and many more. He is also a fixture at IFF Rotterdam, and has shown at all
manner of alternative venues along the way.

Travis Bird, is a guitarist, composer, and writer focused on both
songwriting and improvisation. Active in Chicago since 2007, he has worked
in a wide variety of musical environments and has played at venues across
the U.S. on several occasions, as well as pursuing an active release
schedule. In addition to his musical activities, he co-curates Notice
Recordings (est. 2010), a boutique cassette label that has released his own
work as well as that of other experimental musicians.

*5243 N Clark St*

Janis Crystal Lipzin in Person!*

Brian Frye - Earth vs The Giant Spider vs The Witches
Steve Polta - Summer Rain for LMC-side B
Rob Todd - Castle
Chuck Kleinhans - Stopping by the Toll Road
Pablo Valencia - Films I
Chris Kennedy - Schuh Schnell Service
Janis Crystal Lipzin - Cracks Between the Stones
Alex Rogalski - Land of Living Skies
Tara Nelson - Snow
Tony Gault - Tabernacle
Alex Rogalski - Meditor
Brian Frye - Ladies Day

*Janis Crystal Lipzin in Person!*

Right Eye/Left
Seasonal Forces Part 1 & Part 2
De Luce 1: Vegetare

San Francisco–based Lipzin has been one of Super 8’s most passionate
American advocates for more than twenty-five years. Active as critic,
curator, and teacher (she was instrumental in founding and producing, Small
Windows, the San Francisco Art Institute 8mm Film Festivals), Lipzin’s own
films combine a sharp eye for cultural observation and social critique as
revealed through the personalizing small-gauge camera. —Steve Anker, Dean,
CalArts Department of Film/Video

According to Grahame Weinbren, editor of Millennium Film Journal “Lipzin has
had an unmatched impact on the art of film through her generations of
teaching and her hundreds of students.” She taught Film and
Interdisciplinary Studies at the renowned San Francisco Art Institute from
1978 to 2009 where she served as Chair of the prominent Film Department, and
before that, directed the influential Film/Photo Program at Antioch College.
 She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ohio University in
Painting and Photography. She also studied painting at New York University
and received her MFA in Film from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Lipzin’s films and photo work have been featured in numerous museum shows
including the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the New Museum of
Contemporary Art (NY), the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the
Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Berkeley Art Museum, the Corcoran Gallery, the
Neuberger Museum at SUNY Purchase, and the Kunstmuseum in Berne,
Switzerland. Her many awards include three Fellowships from the National
Endowment for the Arts. Her films and videos are distributed
internationally and her recent digital film, De Luce 1: Vegetare has been
shown in 22 venues in eight countries including at the Edinburgh Film
Festival, Videoex in Zurich, the San Francisco Film Festival, Black Maria
Film/Video Festival, Antimatter in Victoria, Canada; KLEX in Kuala Lumpur,
the Havana Film Festival, and the Kauna Biennial in Lithuania.

*9:30 PM-Hold Me While I’m Naked*
*Rick Bahto in Person!*

Pixie Cram - The Bathers
Tsen-Chu Hsu - Reflect
Rick Bahto - The Bellouin Sequence
Rick Bahto - Variations
Rob Todd - Spring
Chuck Kleinhans - Fred Barney Taylor
Brian Frye - Interventions
Ken Paul Rosenthal - I My Bike
Robbie Land - Precipice
Julie Murray - Legend of Parts

*5243 N Clark St*

**Rick Bahto in Person!*

Steve Polta - Summer Rain for LMC-side A
Steve Polta - A House Full of Dust
Tomonari Nishikawa - S8 Sketches #1-5
Rick Bahto - For Karen Johannesen
Hayley Elliot - Solar Flares
Malena Szlam - Beneath Your Skin of Deep Hollow
Paul Clipson - Chorus
Paul Clipson - Light From the Mesa
Leslie Supnet - Sun, Moon, Stars, Rain

*Sponsored by Kodak and Dwayne’s Photo
Co-Presented by Chicago Filmmakers*

Reprising the popular Super 8 Rides Again program from last year at Chicago
Filmmakers, we’ll be inviting around 20 Chicago-area image makers to shoot a
roll of Super 8 film and have it premier at the show. All editing will be
done in-camera, and no one will be allowed to see their work prior to the
screening. We want to thank Todd Lillethun at Chicago Filmmakers for helping
coordinate this program, as well as Kodak and Dwayne’s Photo Service for
donating film and processing.

Xan Aranda, Ben Balcom,Jeremy Bessoff, Adebukola Bodunrin, Lilli Carre,Thom
Comerford, Mary Helena Clark, Carolyn Faber, Lori Felker, Scott Foley, Amir
George, Jason Halprin, Lyra Hill, Karen Johannesen, Kent Lambert, Jared
Larson, JB Mabe, Kate Raney, Jerzy Rose, Bill Stamets, Alexander Stewart,
Ted Tremper, Chi Jang Yin

Karen Johannesen, JB Mabe, and Jason Halprin
*Directors, Chicago 8: A Small Gauge Film Festival*

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