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So were there certain porn friendly labs that were used or were staff
bribed? I've seen stag films that look to be from the 1930s and there was a
time when porno's were shot under the auspices of being educational films.

Labs would do it on the sly.
In fact, in the mid-70s there was a huge FBI/police sting operation that
ended up nailing Hollywood Valley Film Labs in Burbank. They shut it down
completely, and later on Fotokem took over the site in one of their many
But Yale's policies have nothing to do with porn-- it's ideology.
At one time Yale would also refuse to return any footage that violated
their content policy, if caught-- which they mostly did catch-- but I haven't
heard about this stunt for a few years. It was particularly bad for the
16mm film school people, btw-- UCLA used to warn everyone about this lab's
practice as did the other area film schools.
And contrary to the know-it-alls who populate some of the other film sites,
 content seizure was not an unusual policy, either, for labs -- Kodak used
to do it all the time whenever they would find nudity. But Yale continued
the practice long after everyone else had stopped.
I only mention this because one guy at Filmshooting a few years ago
actually went to his 'Hollywood' attorney to claim that Yale never did this at
all, and that they couldn't have. Apparently, the attorney ruled that Yale
couldn't have seized any offensive film footage because that would be illegal
"conversion" under the law.
The problem though was that this attorney had no idea at all that
content-seizure policies were once standard practice in the film-lab industry, and
that it was not "conversion" if the customer was aware of the policy ahead
of time. Regardless, the problem I have with Yale's policy is its
vagueness, this sententious rule of theirs that states, "...or whatever else we
feel is extremely offensive to us."
Like, just what does that mean?

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