[Frameworks] New Yorker article by Emily Eakin on Tacita Dean - "Celluloid Hero"

From: Sandra Maliga <neoreal_at_maliga.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 23:42:01 -0700


Two quotes that I very much appreciated:

on Dean's statement that digital does not "have the means to create
poetry" Eakin's says" It seems more likely that analog and digital
film, like oil and acrylic, or acoustic and electric guitar, fire
different artists' imaginations differently."

and a comment by Eakin that's what I am always saying, "In water, Dean
had found an apt metaphor for filmfor its continual but spasmodic
movement, it translucence, and its ability to capture light."

  Much more as well-- wish I could go to London to see the piece.

-- Sandy

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