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This isn't good news.


There's nothing more obsolete than last year's whiz-bang digital format. So
 film is going to be around for a long time.
Just its utter simplicity is an advantage-- because the cumbersomeness of
modern digital technology infects the artistry in no small degree. What we
can hope for will happen, too-- these obsolete video formats will doom these
works in the end which is great because most of this stuff is total crap.
Has there ever been a worse age for movies? They're just big TV shows now.
Those who cheer digital as a great improvement in things also remind me of
the same people who make fun of physical books. Like, how many of these
critics ever actually read them?
One thing I don't understand, either. How come digital fans always insist
on calling what they do "films"? It's never just "videos" to them.

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