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From: Aaron F. Ross <>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 17:19:38 -0700

I'm not offended, I expect some flames to come my way after my own
incendiary comments.

Anyway, I've paid my dues with a three-year stint building an
artists' collective space in San Francisco. Let's just say it's like
herding cats. The amount of time and effort required to make
something like that happen completely precludes any personal
artmaking. So it's really for administrator types, not artists, to
build such spaces. It's a tough job, because really, communities
aren't built, they emerge.

I've been to about a half dozen art- and film-related events in the
past year. Not a huge number, it's true. But I was so profoundly
disappointed by the work, and by those presenting it, that I've all
but given up on this town. I won't name names, but frankly, what I've
seen recently has been nothing short of pathetic.


At 8/30/2011, you wrote:
>in addendum to my last email that could be considered harsh words
>toward aaron f ross, if any one takes offense ( including mr. ross)
>please forgive, i really don't wish to fill this list with
>squabbling and drama. far from it. and out of respect for it. if any
>one wants to tell me i am full of it or further discuss the state of
>"experimental" etc... cinema in the bay area and how we can
>strengthen and improve it. please do so in another venue, such as my
>email <> or
>stop by a weekly tuesday screening and we'll talk!
>cheers and respect to all the frameworkers!
>- black hole cinematheque
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