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From: Aaron F. Ross <>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 11:38:04 -0700

This is not unsettling to me, I've been waiting for it to happen
since I first read science fiction stories as a young boy.

With brain-machine interfaces, the opportunities for self-expression
will be blown wide open. At that point, I'm hoping that the most
imaginative visionaries should be able to rise to the forefront of
public awareness. No longer will we be constrained by tools.
Artisanal craftsmanship will no longer exist, to be replaced by pure
intellect. And that's a good thing.

I gave a talk this year that touched upon this topic, mainly in the
context of how 3D graphics has widened the scope of possibilities for
art and communication. I know that computer art is very unpopular
among this crowd, I've been attacked again and again for mentioning
it, so let the flames begin. I'm wearing my flame-retardant vest.


At 10/28/2011, you wrote:
>Interesting article with complex social, biological, as well
>as aesthetic implications into the future. . . . Obviously,
>capturing imagery is a far cry from understanding the complexities
>of 'thought,' and it's still very futuristic, but as we conceivably
>'think' to each other, or project our thought/images, there would
>have to be resultant changes in consciousness, and the role of the
>artist would necessarily be re-defined along with
>everything/everyone else. "Direct" visual art? Ultimate loss of
>the artisanal? And/or a revitalizing of same? I realize this has
>little or no immediate relevance to anyone here (probably), but it
>showed up in my email and I just thought some frameworkers would
>possibly find it interesting as well:
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