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From: Michael Betancourt <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 06:33:40 -0500

You can also look around for a copy of Helen Hill's Recipes for Disaster
which has a variety of processes for doing hand painting and hand processing
(if you want to get into that too).
I've seen pdfs around now and then, so try google, unless someone has a
current link to post...?

My own experiences have been with various markers (sharpie, etc. already
listed.) As for the post-production, if you want to avoid the costs of an
interneg or optical printing you can get the material scanned (or even just
use a telecine a much lower resolution result) and then do things with it
using Adobe AfterEffects. The results can be very interesting since that
gives enormous control over the compositing and allows you to do everything
that optical printing does with film.

In any case, have fun!

Michael Betancourt
Savannah, GA USA | | the avant-garde film & video blog

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 4:55 PM, Jason Halprin <> wrote:

> Although I haven't done much handpainting myself, a few things that I know
> work well are Pebeo brand paints and non-toxic markers. You can break the
> markers open, remove the dye soaked core (usually foam), place that in a
> little water, and then paint with the results. I've also had students using
> food coloring, both straight and diluted, applied with everything from paper
> towels to broken pencils.
> -Jason Halprin
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