Re: [Frameworks] Digital -- was Re: 16mm camera repair & parts

From: David Tetzlaff <>
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 10:22:29 -0400

> I can't tell you how many "media professionals" I've worked with who press the record button on the 7D
> and then proceed to tweak lighting or chose a different frame. Meanwhile, cast and crew are standing around twiddling their thumbs, anticipating a decision but without any real hope of experiencing one. I pity the editors who wade through these wasted gigabytes.

Well, this isn't the 7D's fault. It's kind of lame to expect a camera to enforce on a maker things they should know how to do regardless. If you're dumping massive amounts of sludge on the schmo whop has to log your footage (even if you're our own schmo) you're a media bozo, regardless of your professional/amateur status.

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