[Frameworks] Magic Lantern -- Wednesday, Nov. 16th (Providence)

From: Josh Guilford <jeshcbh_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 10:12:46 -0800 (PST)

Hi All -- Missed the weekly listing -- apologies for annoyances. Info for this week's ML is below, for any Frameworkers near Providence -- curated by the good folks at Acme Video. All best, JOSH -- Magic Lantern Cinema Presents: The ARTIFICIAL NATURE Show Artificial Depictions of Nature in Motion Pictures Curated by Acme Video Wednesday, Nov. 16th 9:30 PM Cable Car Cinema & Cafe 204 S. Main St. Providence, RI Admission $5 Does a squirrel know what a movie is? We at Acme Video wish they did so they would come in and rent something sometime. It is an absolute thrill for us to be guest curating a Magic Lantern for which we have dug deep into our catacombs to bring to light some real cinematic oddities. The idea of "artificial depictions of nature in the moving pictures" seems to epitomize a conflict between the world that we actually live in & the world we choose to create when given the chance. Not to mention that it is a rather malleable postulate that provides us with a great excuse to show some pretty weird, often humorous & sometimes disturbing films you may not have seen before. The line-up will include an early Goldilocks adaptation, a long-forgotten fantasy depicting the lunar adventures of a young boy (and his dog), a scientific documentary of a tree-dwelling octopus, a surrealistic slapstick film with a tree that grows cats, experimental animations of insects and centaurs, as well as other unnatural representations of animals, camping trips, and underwater cities. Join us! FEATURING: Edwin S. Porter, "The Teddy Bears" (1907); Neil McGuire and William A. O'Connor, "Moonland" (c. 1923-26); Jean Painlevé, “La Pieuvre” (1927), Charley Bowers, "Now You Tell One" (1926); Winsor McCay, "Bug Vaudeville" (1921) and "The Centaurs" (1918-21); + more TBA. TRT: 90 mins **Magic Lantern Cinema is Graciously Funded by the Malcolm S. Forbes Center for Culture and Media Studies at Brown University.

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