[Frameworks] Super 8 developing lomo tank

From: Kevin Timmins <on-one-2_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 15:31:14 +0000

Hi frameworks
I've got some developing a foot tis weekend. I usually develop one film at a time in my 50ft tank instead of 2. This time I'm going to do 2 at a time. However I have hit a problem... Well two problems actually. The first:
I snapped the smaller thread off the tightening device. Just snapped right off the last time I developed. I've made a quick fix but will be needing a new one. Any ideas where I can pick up lomo spares anyone? I don't really wont to have to buy another tank. I just need the little thread bit.
Secondly, I poured one litre of water (I'll be using a 1ltr kit) into my developing tank just to make sure the water would cover both spirals. NO WHERE NEAR! In the bottom of my tank there was a little plastic nipple that raised the spirals. I sanded that off... Still no joy, the water still only just hit the surface of the top spiral... So I got my dermal and cut a bit of the base of the lower spiral... It just about works now but I would feel more comfortable if I new the chemicals completely submerged both the spirals.
So I'm wondering if I add an extra 10ml of water to the first/colour developer, bleach fix... etc... would that make any difference to the developing times or much difference to the final outcome of the developed film? Would it still work ok?

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