Re: [Frameworks] NYC - Oct 5-6 - JAAP PIETERS - icon of super 8

From: Pip Chodorov <>
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2011 04:15:55 +0200

I just wanted to add that Jaap Pieters is on tour in the US now.
Tour dates and venues are listed on his site
His next stops are Vermont, Boston, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Chicago,
Madison and Milwaukee.
Jaap and his films are really worth getting to know, if you are in
the vicinity!
-Pip Chodorov

At 11:18 -0400 3/10/11, rachelle wrote:
>Hi Frameworkers,
>while this was posted on This Week in A-G we want to make sure
>everyone in NY knows about the rare appearance of super 8 icon Jaap
>Pieters at Anthology Film Archives this Wed and Thurs. If you are a
>super 8 fan or any film fan for that matter, do not miss this chance
>to see Pieters and his super 8 films in person! Spread the word to
>other super 8 fans!
>Long time icon of Super 8 filmmaking
>There is something inexplicable and strangely exquisite about the
>Super-8mm films of Dutch artist Jaap Pieters. A longtime icon of
>small-gauge filmmaking who has shown in cinemas, art spaces, and
>festivals throughout Europe, Pieters is often compared to Warhol
>because of his preference for single takes and a fixed camera. The
>films generally focus on the down-and-out passersby on the street
>outside his home in Amsterdam, and many of the movies are actually
>shot from his window.
>Possessed with an empathetic eye and incredible timing, Pieters
>captures metaphorical images and private performances that transcend
>the everyday moments in which they were framed. We are thrilled to
>have Pieters in person to present thesetwo programs featuring a number
>of 35mm blow-ups made by the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. Rounding
>out the screenings is an illuminating documentary portrait of Pieters
>by his colleague Fred Pelon.

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