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From: Brett Kashmere, INCITE! <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 12:51:47 -0400

Following the Tscherkassky suggestion, I'd also throw Richard Kerr's
"collage d'hollywood" into the mix. It's made up of recycled Hollywood film
trailers, and is distributed by CFMDC.

And in case it hasn't already been mentioned, Joshua Bonnetta's "Long
Shadows" is a really nice film and is now available from CFMDC, with
soundtrack on vinyl.

- Brett

Brett Kashmere
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> I have to admit to not having read each email in this thread closely, but
> even if it has been mentioned before, it's worth mentioning again:
> Gerard Holthuis's HKG (beautiful hi-con B&W airplanes over Hong Kong)
> Also, I know you mentioned Tscherkassky's Coming Attractions in your
> original email, but I'd push the whole Cinemascope Trilogy (L'arrivée, Outer
> Space, and Dream Work) over that one.  And Chris mentions Martha Colburn's
> Cosmetic Emergency; we showed her Triumph of the Wild at FLEX this year, and
> something about seeing it projected gigantic really really made it jump off
> the screen (in a good way).
> There's a lot of great exp. work on 35mm though, so I don't know how you'd
> squeeze it all into just one program!
> Good luck,
> Roger

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