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Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 06:23:46 -0700 (PDT)

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It apparently just came out-- like within the last couple of days. Being LOMO it

Yesterday in fact. It's the camera announcement people are most excited about, which is ironic in many ways.

will be fun, and only take very short lengths of film, but so what. It's sure to work a la 1915 style, but that's good enough.

Fun is very important I feel.

It only shoots what would be 36exp film, but it shoots 3fps in Super35 2perf, so it works out at something like 50 seconds depending how fast you are cranking. Kinda reminds me of the debrie pavro.

Well the bad news is that those short ends will be ECN2, so you won't be able to process them at your minilab and the movie labs are not going to like getting a 36exp film to process. HOWEVER you could get hold of either 100ft Eyemo loads of doubleX 5222 or the same in normal 400ft loads. Black and white film is cheaper than colour and if you bulk load it onto film cassettes it will go a long way. Then you can process it yourself in a normal 35mm developing tank, just like still film. Alternatively you can of course just use still film as intended.

I missed that one? Was that the invention of the biro or cartridge pens or something? The typewriter??



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